Norman – Mum: 8 Mar 1917

A Company
27th Reinforcements
Mar 8th 1917
Dear Mum,
We arrived at Trentham yesterday alright and so far we have nothing to complain of.  There is no hard work xxxx food is good considering the xxxx they have to provide for.  I saw xxxx yesterday, but he did not know xxxx he xxxx to go away. (2 lines unreadable) say you saw in the paper that Mr Gimson got rather a rough reception at the farewell.  I left my razor strop and cake of soap in a little casebehind me on Tuesday and I would be glad if you could send them to me addressed as above.  This letter is all a jumble but it is the best I can do at present and you can expect another before very long.
I Remain
Yours in a hurry

PS Neil, Charlie and I are all together in the one hut and all of us have escaped being transferred to the 26th so far xxxx