Neil – Mother: 28 Apr 1917

Saturday 28th 1917
Dear mother,
Bedford is a decent fellow after all.  You can count that £1-4-6 as three more weeks paid and have a game of billiards with the 3/6 over.  What date is that I have paid up to?  You can ask Mat if you see her if she would like me to write again.  Also how may times she expects to receive a letter before sending one back.  Gorrie is unlucky with the ballot, he’ll have to work another month now.  Trot has been told by those up above that he is expeditionary.  There is still some doubt about me. I expect they will decide that I am too valuable a man to take any risk with.  This is a damned monotonous camp .  You have to spend all you earn in a day to keep yourself alive.  This is Government time so I wont beat Allan for any more of his 5/- today letter writing

Heard from Vic?