Vic – Mother: 18 Mar 1917

V H Smith 42419
No 1 Platoon
A Coy,  23rd Rfs
Sunday 18/3/17
Dear Mother
I received the tin of cake on the day we left in perfect condition.  It was very good.  The bunks on the ship are much better than the ones in camp and the food is good, but salt water is no good to wash in, even with salt water salt.  We have a piano in our room and a place for boxing and dancing.  There is also plenty of books and cards to pass the time.  We had two Fridays in this week and two 16/3/17 and the clock is put on about 25 minutes every day.  We saw whales for the first time yesterday.  We left too late to hear the result of the ballot.  Grundy of Prospect St. is in our Coy.  Tell Gorrie that Tom Venables is with us and that Frank Abercrombie  was put on Home Service in the Dental Corps.
We had snow on deck this morning and it is getting pretty rough.  The sea has agreed with me so far so I don’t suppose I will get sea sick now.  It is too rough to stop on deck.  I am writing this before we reach port so it can be cencored in time to be posted at the first port.  I will write again when we arrive at the first place but that letter may not be posted untill we reach the second place.