Vic – Mother: 23 Apr 1917

At sea 23/4/17
Dear Mother
We have been in port since I wrote my last letter.  We spent six days there, and had leave on three days.  I could not post any letters from there as the cencorship is much more severe than it was when the other reinforsements came through.  We had a good time ashore after being at sea for so long.  We got the best grapes I ever tasted for two pence a pound, but meals are more expencive than they are in New Zealand.  We went for a trip to the beach in a tram.  The described it as the best tram ride in the world.  We are provided with a warm bath and towel free, and afternoon tea and came home a different road.  The people at this place treated us first rate and we were sorry to leave.  One of the crew fell overboard on Saturday while they were having boat drill.  They found him with a crowd of molly hawks round him, and got him out after being nearly half an hour in the water.  Most of this time was taken up with the ship turning and getting into a position where they could launch a boat safely.  The weather is much warmer nowand on deck is much better than down in our hold.  They published a magazine on board and got it printed in port.  I am posting one home by the next mail.
There is (censored) now and th (censored)
It is getting so hot now that they are making arrangements for us to sleep on deck.  The sea is perfectly calm and large numbers of flying fish are often seen.
I am closing this letter today as there is a chance of it being posted shortly.  I am sending a magazine by the same mail.  There is still a lot of measles on board, but they seem to be as well as the rest.