Vic – Mother: 7 Nov 1917

NZ Command depot
Codford 7/11/17
Dear Mother
I got three letters from N.Z. last week yours 27th Aug, Dad’s Oct 1st and Gorries Sep 8th.  If Mc is in the 32nd I might see him in Sling as I will be there about Xmas.  I see that Gorrie has been drawn in the ballot at last.  He ought to have a good chance of getting exemption.  Norman and Neil were still at Aldershot last week.  They will have a good chance of getting a job in some of the hospitals.  When you write send me Mack’s No, also Gorries if he goes, and Henry Kenedy’s, as I dont know how he is getting on untill I hear from N.Z.  We had a case of measles in our hut last week, so we are all isolated.  I am hoping somebody else gets them for we have to be isolated for fourteen days after the last case.  I would not mind getting them myself as six weeks in the hospitals would go all right just now.  The Government here is going to send 1/2 pound of xmas pudding to every man in the army, but are not going to allow any to be sent by their friends owing to the shortage of food.  Sugar is very scarce and some people cant get it at all, but they can buy plenty of confectionary at 3/- pound.  This is a good idea as it enables the select people to have plenty no matter how short it is.  We get porridge here, but there is all sorts of grain mixed with the oatmeal and no sugar or milk.  The bread is getting much better than it used to be, but there is still a lot of rice flour and barley mixed with it.

The days are getting short here and it is dark at five instead of 10.  I think I mentioned before that the N.Z.s are all  out of the line at present.  There is a roumer going round that they will not go in again this winter, but that sounds a little too good to be true.