Norman – Mum: 23 Sep 1917

Sling Camp
23 Sept 1917
Dear Mum
We are now looking forward to our next N.Z. mail which ought to arrive here any day now.  The last letter we had from home was one from Dad telling us of the telegram received notifying Vic’s wound.  There have been several statements made about our going to Aldershot to complete our training but no definite word so far as to when we are shifting.  France seems to be a fair way off still and we have been here over five weeks.  I wrote to Vic last week but have so far received no reply so it is very likely that he is having his fortnights leave.  If we are still here when he comes back from leave we will have every chance of seeing him again before going overseas.  It is not a bad life here on the whole as we have very good food taking it alround and the weather continues mild only a little on the damp side.  There are three theatres within bounds, one a really first rate show, and there are frequent concerts at the Y.M.C.A. so we are not badly off for evening amusements.  Billiards is not the popular game here that it is in N.Z. , but there are a few tables in the camp that we manage a game on occasionally so the life has its compensations.  It was Mat’s birthday yesterday and I would have written to her had it not been for Neil getting in ahead of me but you can wish her many happy returns of the day for me and tell her that I shall scoff a lump of the cake at her next.  By the way I suppose you are receiving the allotment of 3/- a day alright but you did not say.  I am as “careful” as ever you see.  I am just beginning to wonder what sort of cabin we are going to get for the voyage home as I see that Jimmy Allen has promised that we will all be home six months after peace is fixed up.  The general opinion seems to be that the war will end very soon after Christmas.  You can save the biggest half of the plum duff for our arrival.  There is very little in the way of news and the war news that we have now will be contradicted long before this reaches you.

Kind Regards to all

You did quite right in giving the photo to whom you thought fit.  I forgot to send the list.  I think when I get back I will give Wilbar Studio a good stir up for the trouble they have given you.