Norman – Mum: 27 Oct 1917

“Cambridge” Hospital
27th Oct 1917
Dear Mum
Just a short note this time to let you know that we are both A1 and have received our cakes and butter alright.  My cake was in good condition, but Neil’s tin had been bashed about a bit and the damp air had turned the contents mouldy.  I hardly think it will be safe to send any more unless the lid is soldered down as a bash on the side leaves the tin gaping open at the top .  The butter was splendid and so was the sugar.  We have been here over three weeks now so our months stay is nearly at an end.  Where we are going afterwards I do not know but I hope we will be given hospital work for the winter.  The weather is getting colder but is still fairly fine.  We are getting plenty of work to do here but still it is not too bad by any means and the tucker continues to be fairly good more especially as we get a good feed at the dry canteen every night.  We will write again as soon as we get our N.Z. mail.  We have had none now for four weeks so some ought to coming to hand any day now.  We have just had a note from Vic to say that he is not going to the front again for some time according to his classification and that he is expecting another weeks leave in a day or two.  You must not mind this note being a short one as we are pressed for time now and I will try and work in a long letter next week.  It will be eight months next wednesday week since we joined up  so we are mighty lucky to have no prospect of France yet.

Au revour

I explained in a letter to Dad last mail how your cablegram re Vic was not delivered to us till Oct 3rd.  A letter from Miss Green dated June 5th was not put into my hands until the middle of this month.  Yet we seem to receive your letters alright.

They are lovely bunglers are they not?

29th Oct
Received letter from Gorrie dated 12/8/17 and one from you Aug 19th by todays mail.  Writing both later.