Vic – Mother: 18 Feb 1918

Codford 18/2/1918
Dear Mother
You will no doubt be pleased to hear that there is a very small chance of me going back to France as an infantry man, and a good chance of not going back at all. I will probably be put on permanent base That will mean an easy job in England or perhaps in France. There is also a small chance of me being sent back to N.Z., but that will depend on how much shipping room there is, as they always send the cot cases first, and the others have to wait if there is no room. I went before the medical board last Saturday, but I have not heard yet what they are going to do, except that I will not be classified A for a very long time yet.

Norman and Neil are both all right on the last I heard. I had a letter from Normal last week. He had seen Alec Young and Norman Matheson. That was the first I had from him since he went across about eleven weeks ago. He had got some parcels from home but no letters. That will show you how the mail is delayed in France because I got all you letters regularly, and his must of come this far. I mention this so that you will understand how it is, if you dont get this mail up to time. There is not much news here to write about. The weather is a lot warmer and the days are lengthening out already. I will send a cable if I am lucky enough to get home, so dont get alarmed if you see the cable boy coming. Mack is still at Sling, but I will not see him now, as he will be over, before I get there, that is if I ever get there.