Vic – Gorrie: 13 Mar 1918

NZ Discharge Depot
March 13th 1918
Dear Gorrie
It is now almost certain that I will be coming home shortly, and it is possible that I will leave in a few weeks. Dont send any more papers or parcels after getting this. They tell me that I can get any parcels that are on the road sent onto Norman in France. The Gov will let you know when I am leaving, so that you will hear a long time before you get this if I get away early. You will probably be surprised to hear that I am coming home and I thought myself that I would be in France by this, but it seems I am not as fit as I thought. This is the prettiest town I have seen in England. There are white beaches at the foot of high cliffs and everything is well laid out. There is plenty food and nothing to do and any amount of amusment. I have not heard from Mack lately, and I think he must be having his draft leave. Neil was in the hospital with slight bronchitis and Norman was up near the line the last I heard from them.