Neil – Mother: 5 Jan 1918

46th Gen Hosp
Dear Mother,
I am out of bed now and practically better. I suppose I will be going into convalescent camp in a couple of days then to the base again and then up the line. I am not too confident about sleeping out in the snow. For if tent life starts my throat off, I am afraid open life will also. I wish to goodness the winter were over. Things would not be so bad but for the cold. But I expect if it were not cold we should find something else, lice for instance, to growl about. I should have had more sense than go to Victoria St just a year ago to-day. Have received no mail or anything from anybody (not even Trot) and that quickly induces “fed-up-ness”. The mail posted from N.Z. the last fortnight in October was sunk, but there must be a great deal of other mail following me around somewhere.