Neil: (might be) Apr 1918

(pages 1 to 4 are missing)

Thats all the letters I think.I have already mentioned that I received a most unsisterly one from Mat, but I’ll deal with hers direct after a dignified silence of about another month.

My pocket book containing all my “dough” was pinched last week while I was asleep. Luckily I had at the time only 16 Fr. odd (I was just out of Hospital for which time pay is postponed), but there were a lot of other things, 2 Blighty addresses and photos and things from NZ that I was rather annoyed at losing. My name and military address were stamped in the book. The beggar might have posted back the stuff that was no use to him. I hope he got drunk on the 16 Fr. and got clink for it. Norman and I will be due for 8 days leave on June 2nd, we’ll get it probably somewhat later. Will you cable over to me say, £15 about the time you get this. This big battle is making me think that it is as well to be holding a little against the war ending suddenly, and the promised 14 days in Blighty at the end of it. I think the Bank of NZ will cable it free of charge. Do it in you own name from Auckland of course. I have to supply your name & name of town in NZ to the Bank’s agents as proof of identity. Do not let the NZ Army Post Office have anything to do with it if you can help it. It often leads to delay in delivery. Trot and I will probably go to Paris for our leave, that is, if the long-range gun has spared a few things worth eating and worth looking at. [Eating is quite an important factor in leave – not that we are at all underfed; we get enough to bring boils out on us]. I’ll have to buzz off now and draw my 10 Fr (= 7/4) weekly pay. Where was Willa’s husband killed – does she know? What unit was he attached to? We learn more here about what is going on up the line by talking to the wounded who have lately come down than if we were there ourselves.

Yours sincerely