Neil – Mother: 26 Jun 1918

Written on a soft Souvenir Letter Card in pencil

Souvenir Letter Card
Walton on Thames Including Photos of the New Zealand Hospital

Wed 26-6-18
Dear Mother
I suppose when you get a cable to say I am admitted to hospital again, you’ll come to the conclusion that I’ve signed a separate peace. I can certainly claim that I have had very little opportunity for rendering myself objectionable to Fritz so far.

I have no temperature or fever. I was sent here to get my throat operated on, tonsils beheaded and something else, I think. The throat specialist examined me this morning, but did not mention what he was going to do about it.

I am in the head case ward. But my army career so far doesn’t justify them in saying there is anything wrong with my head. Trot’s leave has had to be postponed. I understand he was to get it last Friday. So I hit the quack at Torquay up about getting my leave. He refused on account of my heart still being off-side or something, but on being pressed said I could see the Senr. Medical Officer on Monday, and see if he would allow it. I saw him, but he didn’t even listen to my heart or feel my pulse. He looked at my throat and sent me straight here.

Shall reply to letters separately