Neil – Mother: 17 Jul 1918

Wed. July 17th 1918
Dear mother,
I was to have gone on leave for a day to London today to meet Trot whose leave from Hosp. has just commenced, but the blessed O.C. after signing my pass cut it out because there were a couple too many. It is the only leave I have applied for during the three months I have been in Blighty. They are awfully considerate in the army.

I am sending my old pay book as a “souvenir” . It will someday, perhaps, provide a telling answer to the query “What did you do in the great war, Daddy”? I did the govt for £124-10-0 (up to today, including allotment). I have torn out one page containing certificate that I am a trained operating theatre assistant. S.B.R. size 4, last thing in the book stands for Small-Box respirator. The will still holds good though it is not likely to be of any use for two reasons 1. Lack of personal property 2. Lack of desire to leave it just at present.

Expect Trot may come down this afternoon, we are less than an hour from London.

Nothing fresh – graded B4. This quack seems to have found nothing wrong with my heart as far as I know.