Neil – Mat: 6 Apr 1919

Skiddaw Hotel,
Sunday 6-4-19
Dear Mat,
I got a letter from you a little while ago enclosing a photo of Doug. I was much struck with the photo especially the mathematical head and showed it to a chap who was with me while I was reading the letter. His comment was, “Gee! what a bonnie kiddie! Dead ring of you isn’t he? How old is he?” I have been holding my head much higher since. I hope his comment won’t make either you or Doug too downhearted.

I shall follow your instructions and not marry anyone from Bradford. Do you mind a slight Hindustani accent? That is the present danger. She is English, brought up in India. She is married to a Staff-Colonel in India but thats no drawback really; neither of us mind him. I met her in the train. I travel first class now (when the guard’s not looking). She talked at length, great length. She hates missionaries. Says a good Mohammedan always steals 5% on any commission or message, but a convert servant always steals all he can get hold of.

Do you spell your name Mc or Mac

Write a line occasionally. You will not have to write any more letters to Mac by the time you receive this.

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