Norman – Mother: 4 Jul 1918

Tent 13
No 1 New Zealand General Hospital
Brockenhurst, Hants
June 4th 1918
Dear Mother,
The doctor told me this afternoon that my board had gone through alright and my name is down for return to New Zealand by hospital ship. I was so staggired at being boarded at all that I can scarcely realise my good luck even yet. I am sorry that Neil has not yet been boarded but I think that there is now very little chance of his being sent back to France. As far as I know I will be in England for some weeks yet as there is no boat going for some time. I hope to score leave very soon and have a look around before leaving this side of the world for good. I have £15-4-8 to my credit in my pay book now and about £1 in my belt. I spend very little here and they pay us up to the end of our leave so I will start off with about £17 or £18 – any amount with some to spare. If I have much left after my return from leave I intend to purchase some things to bring home. Don’t forget the pudding!!!

I don’t know yet whether Neil will get leave at the same time as I do, but if there is even a remote chance of his returning to France I will see that he does not take leave one day earlier than he absolutely has to. Mac has not replied to my letter yet but I may get his letter any day now. It is nothing unusual to have to wait 3 weeks for a reply from France. As you can well imagine I am counting the days now until I get leave to see Neil. It is nearly seven months since I saw him last. Am after my leave I will be watching the days until the boat sails. Old Rangitoto won’t look so bad after about eighteen months


They have poured gallons of extract of malt and cod liver oil down my neck but making me fat is too tough a proposition. I am too much like my father. I am enclosing a few more views of Brockenhurst.