Norman – Mother: 3 Sep 1918

No 1 Company
N.Z. Discharge Depot
Sept 3rd 1918
Dear Mother,
I received two letters today and four last week from New Zealand. The Wimmera was a rotten affair. If things like that happen in N.Z. I think that I had better go back to France where I was comparatively safe. I am still as you see above at the Discharge Depot but I am not as yet on any boat roll. From present indications it seems likely that I shall be here for another three weeks at least. The whole of the coast round here is very pretty and there are fine walks around the cliffs where I put in most of my spare time alone!!! Tell Gorrie that Richmond from the Gas Coy is here awaiting a returning boat. He came over with me on the Tahiti and from all appearances he will be going back on the same boat. The Old Devil seems to haunt me. I am glad that Vic has got his discharge. Tell him to start unwinding the red tape necessary for my discharge or I wont get my

(end of the first page, rest of letter missing)