Neil – Mother: 15 Mar 1917

A Company
27th Reinforcements
Thursday 1917
Dear Mother,
Vic went on board yesterday morning. Just a few secs to catch mail with this. I have to see dentist in 15 mins. They are pretty rough & ready in their methods here, but I am going to risk 4 fillings.  Got a bill from Bedfords (pound)2 but I shall xxxxx over till Easter xxx few days. We have four days leave including travelling time and must pay own fares (pound)2-7-6.  I got the photos all right today.  I cant say I am particularly struck with them.  I like the one with the glasses better. Would you ask Schmidt if he could sharpen up the mouth (make it clearer not sharpen the corners) of that one with the glasses a little and do me three on finer paper (less course in grain and smoother).  I have been declared unfit for infantry training on account of astigmatism in the eyes and my transfer is only a matter of time.  Extremely probable it will be to the ambulance.  Trot is practically certain in the same position but is a bit uncertain owing to the fact that he had more manners than to read what the P.M.O. wrote about him.  Letters must still be addressed xxxxx xxxx xxxx you say in case they go astray and reach the Dead letter Office.

Just then a corporal came in and took me off to the dentist.  I had two filled.  He did not hurt me at all but they were not nerve cases – only simple fillings.  I have a nerve case to be filled yet. I may possibly swear at him then.  He struck me as being rather careless – he broke his borer in my mouth.  He evidently thought the bit that broke off had gone down my throat because he just went on working. I found the 1/4 inch piece of steel at the back of my tongue afterwards.  He was very awkward using the little mouth mirror – and xxxx it xxxx xxxx xxxx He had no marks of any rank on  so I think they are not paying him anything.  He is probably just practising.  There are about  two dozen dentists here and they say they all become brutal butchers through having no girls nor children to deal with.

Just this moment heard that Vic sailed this morning for Melbourne to wait there for an escort, but you cant believe everything you hear.

We’ll wire if we are transferred to Arapuni (?)


PS Paid Schmidt 10/- towards photos. Remind him that enlargement is free.