Vic – Mother: 24 Feb 1917

Trentham Military Camp
Dear Mother
I received your letter all right I wrote to Miss Hawkins as he suggested.  We received our sea kit last week.  It includes a new uniform, a pair of shoes and a lot more small items.  We also made out our allotment forms.  They put your name down as Mrs Christina Smith.  You draw 3/- per day from the day we sail and I want you to use any amount that you think fit, the lot if necessary.  They did not give us any packs so that if we go over the hill we may borrow them from the old 23rds.  We have not gone through a third of our training so if we leave here shortly we will have to spend a long time on the other side.  We have been shooting every day since we came and not near finished yet.  The old 23rds were expecting another short leave, but it looks now as if they will not get it.  A lot of them say that if they don’t get it they will take it.  I cant find out when we sail, but I dont think we go for a few weeks yet.  After this it will be better to add my number 42419 after my name on any letters.

Monday 26/2/1917
I have just heard that we will be shooting here untill Sat. so that I stand a good chance of being here when Norman and Neil come on Wed.  If I am here they will find me in hut 139 Krithia Rd near railway.  If not we are pretty sure to come over the hill back again before we sail.  We are separated now from the old 23rds, but have their officers.  A lot of ballot men have arrived here for the 26ths so that Norman and Neil may be in the 27ths, but I cant say for sure. After we leave NZ letters will be addressed the same except that G.P.O. Wellington will take the place of Trentham