Vic – Mother: 2 Mar 1917

March 2 1917
Dear Mother
I received your letter last night also the cake and chocolate.  It was in perfect condition and was very good.  I am glad to hear that Mat is getting on all right.  I think I am pretty sure to see Norman and Neil on Wed.  Our departure will be kept secret untill a few hours before we sail and there will be no chance of letting you know very long before we leave, but Neil will be able to let you know when we are gone.  All the companies will not leave at the same time and as our Captain is the O.C. our company will probably be the last to leave.  We were put on active service yesterday so that we have to be pretty careful what we do after this.  The Gov. is sending all our own clothes home free but the time it arrives will have nothing to do with the time we sail.  I am not taking any of my own with me so that Neil or

(Rest of letter missing)