Norman – Mum: 16 Apr 1917

April 16th 1917
Dear Mum
I am sending enclosed one pound not and a postal note for 10/-; the pound note repays the loan I had from you and the 10/- ought to cover the repairs and postage of the watch. We received the cake on Saturday and it went “some” good in spite of the long time it was in reaching us. We have about 1/3 left so we have not been long in getting away with it. There is no further word of Neil’s new job as statistician yet and our chance of stopping here is still in doubt. I will write as soon as we hear anything definite. Would you mind taking my bank book to be made up as it is just about time. There is no hurry any time you are passing will do. There is some talk of the Awapuni camp having transferred to Narrow neck so if we get sent back there we may see you before long. I told Neil to write on Sunday, but I don’t know whether he did so or not.

Good-bye just now