Norman – Mum: 30 Apr 1917

April 30th 1917
Dear Mum
I am enclosing 2.11.0 with this letter and I want you if you will to keep back 1.1.0 for another three weeks contribution and to bank 1.10.0. This will, I think, bring my payments up to May 15th as that date is just 10 weeks from March 6th. If I remember right I paid you 28/- and then another 21/- and those with the 21/- I am sending now will just bring my payments up to ten weeks. Let me know if this is correct or if there is any other matter that I have not put right when you write next time. Neil wrote and told you, I think, that he has been placed permanently in the Home Service while I have been drafted to the Expeditionary Force. He always was a lucky devil. Things may be changed again of course , but I think that the chances are that I will be transferred back to Awapuni some time during the coming week. The Narrowneck camp is, I fear, only a rumour as I have heard nothing more since the last time that I wrote to you. That was some time ago, but I have not the time to myself on the Dressing room that I had on the other job. We have to go fairly hard there sometimes when the sick parades are on, but I am picking up a good deal of useful information and gaining some practical experience in one of the subjects that I will need for my teachers exam, so I cant grumble. Have you heard from Vic at all. He must be well on the way by this time.
There is really no more news, so I will write again when I hear something definite about the transfer.
We may have such short notice that that there will not be time to write and in that case I shall get Neil to send a telegram. If I am transferred I will be up on final leave very soon. I shall write again as soon as there is any more news so

Good Bye just now