Norman – Mum: 3 Jun 1917

3rd June 1917
Dear Mum,
I soppose that you have received by this time the little gold badge brooch that Neil and I sent last week. We thought you might like something of that sort as a keepsake and so we decided to send one from the two of us thinking you would like that better. We shifted back to Awapuni yesterday and we find it a little more comfortable in some respects although the grandstand will make rather cold sleeping quarters later on. The 26th and 19 men from the 27th are to sail next week, but up to the present we are not among that 19. We were told that all the 27th section may be called to embark next week (about Thursday) but it is very undecided as yet. We received a box of cake from Miss Finlayson last week and the cook sergiant took care of it until it was all eaten. We might manage our birthday cake the same way if we are still in camp. As soon as we get any definite word about sailing I will let you know as quickly as possible but I am afraid that it will not be until the last minute. We received a parcel of dainties from Fielding but it is not open yet. No more room writing again soo.