Vic – Dad: 13 Aug 1917

N.Z. Convalescent Hospital
Hornchurch  13/8/17
Dear Dad,
I received your letter dated May 2nd No 4. just after posting one to Mum this morning.  Yours has been a very long time on the way and I am sending the envelope back to show how it has followed me round.  I wrote to Norman this morning on the chance of him being here, and if he has not arrived, he will get it when it comes.  My wound is almost healed now, and I may be going on leave soon, but I am in no hurry.  I went to London on Sat and again yesterday.  We go as far as Barking in the train and then take the bus, as it is more interesting this way.  Some of the men from here went to Southend yesterday and saw another air raid.  About 40 were killed and 60 injured.  We can hear the guns in France quite plain here, more so at night.  We all wear a blue uniform while in hospital and that means a good many free trips while on leave but when we get our 14 days leave, we will were kahaki and the railway will be the only thing free.