Vic – Mother: 24 Oct 1917

Dear Mother
The last letter I have had from N.Z. was one from you dated Aug 5th and I am expecting another one any time now.  The last I had from Norman and Neil was one from Aldershot.  They expected to be there for a month.  This will probably be the last mail to reach you before Xmas and I am sending some Xmas cards.  They are in two separate envelopes.  One for you, Vera,  Alma, (nieces, Bens daughters),  Gertie (sister),  Clyde (youngest brother), Mat (sister), and Douglas (nephew, Mat’s son) .  I sent a small packet containing a table centre about a fortnight ago which I hope you will get alright.  The whole N.Z. division is at present out of the line owing to the big loss they had a fortnight ago, (battle of Passcheendaele) and our brigade which was formed this year (the 4th) has been disbanded and is being used to reinforce the other three.  I dont know how long I will be here, but I am counting on spending Xmas in England and longer if possible.  The 27th infantry when over to France a couple of weeks ago, but I dont think they would be in the last push, so they ought to be all right for a while now, untill the division goes in again.  The training here is very light and I am still classified B3, but I expect to get B2 anytime now.  All the effects of the wound have almost gone and there is only the scar and a bit of a hollow left.  I am enclosing a rough sketch of where the piece went in and where it was stitched.  I am a little short of breath when I hurry, but that is not so bad as it used to be and I will soon be as good as ever.