Vic – Mother: 11 Oct 1917

NZ Command Depot
Codford 11/10/17
Dear Mother
I received the parcel with cake and chocolate on Tuesday 9/10/17.  It was quite fresh except for a small piece on one corner, which had started to go mouldy around the raisins, but all the rest was just as good as the day it was baked.  I asked at the Post Office a month ago about the parcel when you told me you had sent it and he told me that parcels always take a month longer than letters to arrive.  This one is probably the one you posted about the middle of July so that it was nearly three months coming.  Most of the parcels that come for other men are very much smaller than the ones you send and I think it would be much better if you would not send such big ones as it must be costing you a good deal.  I had a letter from Neil on Tuesday 9th.  He and Norman are at Cambridge Hospital Aldershot.  They have both got a job for a month there.  Norman got a cable from you enquirring about me but it took so long coming that my own letters would reach you long before they got the cable, so that it would be no use them replying.  I dont know how long I will be here, but I am hoping to spend Xmas here.  In any case I dont think I will be back in France before December and possibly not till the New Year.  If I should go back and you hear that I have been wounded remember that it will probably be a piece of good luck as it will mean a few months holiday.