Vic – Dad: 17 Sep 1917

Dear Dad
I got your letter dated 11/7/17 last week, and Two from Mum on the same day 23/7/17 and 25/7/17. I replied to Mums last week.  I went to the Dr for the last time to day and on Wed 19th I will commence my leave.  I had one letter from Norman last week, they were still at Sling, but they thought they may be sent to Aldershot, but they were no sure.  I will take my ticket out for as far as Inverness, but I will be able to break my journey at any place on the road.  It will be quite a change to get into Kahaki again.  It will be 10 weeks tomorrow since I had a uniform on and I would not mind if it were another ten.  I expect the time you get this they will be calling up the married men in NZ.  The cold weather has not started here yet, but I suppose it will be here shortly..  I will have to close now as there is no news from here.  The next letter I write will be from somewhere from Scotland.