Norman – Mother: 10 Dec 1917

Somewhere in France
Dec 10th 1917
Dear Mother,
we have, as you see above, changed our address since the last time I wrote from the camp at Eweshott.  I cannot say that I am very much taken with France after our first impression.  It is now a very cold place and the country is very uninteresting having almost a desolate look about it.  Tomorrow fortnight is Christmas day and although we wont be having the old time spread we shall manage to knock up a bit of a spree and have a bit of fun out of it somehow.  Things are not quite as hard as we imagined and we are not having a bad time of it where we are, although we have yet to see the actual firing line.  The life is agreeing with us fairly well on the whole and we are keeping fairly fit.  The French people are rather more interesting than those in England and Neil is having the time of his life with his knowledge of french.  The ready manner in which the natives (Froggies of course) understand and follow him was quite a surprise to me and fulfilled his own expectations which says something.  We are still together and assisting each other to have a good time and always on the best of terms.  No letters have arrived for some time the last being delivered to us on Nov 3rd, but there is a rumour that a mail has arrived at the camp and your letter may be in the camp now.  Cheerio and remember to have a plum pudding ready for us when we xxx back to take the place of the one we are missing .
Till Wilhelm (Willhelm II German emperor; King of Prussia) sees the game is up