Neil – Mother: 25 Dec 1917

46th General Hosp.
Xmas Day
Dear Mother,
I paraded sick last Saturday morning with rather a temperature so the doc shoved me in here.  I don’t know whether the heads cable you that I am in here or not, and I have been unable to find out so far.  If I were sure they did I should cable you and let you know there is practically nothing wrong.    But as I don’t know, to send a cable might only worry you for nothing and be a waste of money supposing they had not done so.  Things are very comfortable here after life on the boards with 1/4 inch of frost on the inside of the tent and 1/2 foot of snow outside.  But I’ll be discharged when my throat gets better and I begin to enjoy it.  Its a way they have in the army.  If they were really kind hearted they would keep me here for duration – or the duration of the winter anyway.  Trot went up to the front or its neighbourhood yesterday.  Hope he keeps out of trouble.  His luck has been pretty good so far.  I don’t feel like writing much more this time.  I was feeling ‘pie-on’ this morning but I had a Xmas dinner of chicken and sundries; and following on three days of milk diet it gave my stomach a good go for it, but my stomach’s winning and I’m glad I ate it.  Whereas all you who have eaten hot plum duff with the thermometer 90° in the shade are sorry you ate it.  Well I wish you all a merry xmas again even if the wish does arrive a bit later.