Neil – Mother: 28 Dec 1917

46th Stationary Hosp
Dear Mother
Just a line to say that I am practically alright again. I am not allowed up yet, and my temperature is not quite back again where it should be, but I feel considerably better and my throat is not painful. I still cough at night time and doze during the day time to make up for it. The night nurse (the Hon Lady someone-or-other) comes along every night at 9 pm and delivers a half humorous homily of hate, saying exactly what she is going to do with me if I start coughing. You see when I start about eight others join in the strafe, and she reckons if only I were a dud the others wouldn’t go off. But she’s very descent really and it’s always hot milk she puts down my throat when she says she’s going to put the poker. The day sister and the day nurse are being transferred to day much to everyone’s disappointment. But their successors might be all right too. I have not had any letters or anything since I came here. There are an awful lot somewhere trying to find me.

I shall write about twice a week until I rejoin the unit.