Vic – Dad: 7 Jan 1918

Monday Jan 7th 1918
Dear Dad
The last mail brought two more letters, one dated 28/10/17 and the other Nov
4th, so that there are only two missing, the one before that being Oct 7th.
I had a letter from Neil from France. He was in the hospital when he wrote,
but from what he says, he will soon be out again, as he reconed it was
nothing serious. When he went in to the hospital he had a slight fever and
afterwards got Catarrh of the throat. I am hoping to get another letter
anytime now to hear how he is getting on. Norman went up the line on Monday
24/12/17, but he may be attached to some of the dressing stations up there.
I have good reason for hoping so, as the stretcher bearers are taken from
the infantry in quiet times, when there are no big moves on. I have not
heard from him yet, but I am expecting a letter from him any time. You may
be surprised to know that I am still in Codford, but getting fit has taken
longer than I thought. Howver I expect to be leaving here in a few weeks
for Sling, and I am expecting to go over with the 32nds with the same lot as
Mack. The only drawback to this place is the cold. When it snows it is not
so bad, but the frosts are what makes you say things about the English
climate. Last Thursday there was sixteen degrees of frost registered and
buckets of water that were left in the hut with a good fire on in the
evening had an inch of ice on in the morning. Every bit of road and path
round the camp is so slippery with ice that it is dangerous to walk quickly.
In case you may have missed my last letter I want you to tell Mum that I got
another cake a fortnight ago in a round tin. It was in perfect condition,
as good as the day it was baked, and tasted very good. I am doing well for
parcels lately. There is no need to send so many. I also got a letter from
the Beresford St School containing a book of coupons for the Y.M.C.A. I have
written to them thanking them. I am sorry to hear that Omaha is having such
bad luck. I see names in the lists here, but as I am never sure whether
they are those I know, I never mention them in any letter as there is always
a chace of making a mistake, if I am not sure of their number.