Neil – Dad: 13 Feb 1918

No 5 Conv. Depot
Dear Dad,
I suppose it is about your turn to have your address on the outside of the envelope, though with letters home it matters very little to which of the four of you they are addressed. I am writing immediately in order to mention that I have had a letter from Norman dated Feb 8th. He is in No 4 Field Amb. and is for the present on water cart duty. It was his fourth letter. The previous three which I have not received contained all the news. He also, has received only the last of the four letters I wrote him. He has had a letter dated 2-12-17 from Gorrie, but none from NZ for Oct or Nov yet. I was glad to get a letter from him as I had been getting rather uneasy, since neither Vic nor I had had any word from him for six weeks. I heard from a 2th NZMC man [who was with us all along up to Xmas eve, and is now here convalescent after being wounded] that Norman had actually gone up this line and not over the Mediterranean. I heard this immediately after posting the letter (the rest of this letter is missing)