Neil – Mother: 28 Feb 1918

2nd Stationary Hosp
Dear Mother
My letter to Mat five days ago was a little unduly confident. I took a turn in the wrong direction next day and was sent on here, about 15 or 20 miles from where I was last. This is a pretty big town but I naturally have not seen much of it yet. There is nothing very serious the matter. I have the old trench fever pains again and a touch of bronchitus, but I am not running much of a temperature now. The camp M.O. made a note in his report to the effect that I was anaemic and my general condition is not very good so I may possibly be evacuated to Blighty. In that case I shall cable for some money; I have been living a rather hand to mouth existence lately without much in reserve. My pay is not nearly up to date though. I shall write about twice a week while I am in hospital. I have had no mail for some time bar one letter from Mac and one from Vic. There must be a few letters from Charlie wandering around after me somewhere.