Neil – Mother: 10 Mar 1918

No 5 Con. Camp
Dear Mother
I have just come back here again from No 2 Stationary Hospital. I am feeling pretty fair and shall soon be as right as rain again. The doctor listened a long while to my heart this morning but he didn’t order me to be examined by the specialist, so there cant be anything seriously wrong. He ordered me some special dope that he wrote out a prescription for, probably a tonic for anaemia. I shall be here another three weeks anyway, possibly six. I have had no mail since writing last except a communication when I was in Hosp. from the NZ War Contingent Ass., who are anxious to provide me with a new set of shaving gear etc, quite a commendable desire on their part, so I decided to encourage it. There is nothing much to write about. Con camps and hospitals are very safe but uninteresting

Your sincerely