Neil – Mother: 1 Jul 1918

Ward 4
No 2 NZ Gen Hosp
Walton on Thames
Dear Mother,
I was operated on on Saturday afternoon. He wouldn’t do it under a local anaesthetic. Chloroform is very decent going under, but it is hardly so pleasant coming out. I am fairly well over it now, and I had some solid tucker (if milk sago can be so called) tonight. I have just heard from Trot who is practically a certainty for NZ. I wish I could work it. I’ll do my best anyway. I think I ought to be able to dodge going over among the flying iron foundries.

I am sending some photos along with this or as soon as I can pinch some cardboard.

Thanks awfully for the birthday card. Why did you address it England? I shouldn’t have liked to have betted myself on April 29th that I should be in England for my birthday. The cake hasn’t come along yet. Parcel mails from NZ posted Apr 9 to 18th are reported lost at sea by enemy action. Possibly the congers have got it, I hope not. I received one letter from NZ seven months overdue. It had been posted without my number in the address and did a world’s tour of Egypt, Palestine, Malta, England and France looking for me.

There are some more things to be said, but I’ll leave them to be said in the next

Ever Yours

Just had my temp taken, it is moderately high. I should’t be surprised if it is off for a bolt.

Shouldn’t be sorry either.