Neil – Norman: 10 Jul 1918

(Written on the front and back of a sealed envelope)
Marquee F1, No 4 Coy,
NZ Conv. Hosp.
Dear Norman,
The office took a jerving (?) at the last moment and sent me here instead of to Torquay. I have been classed B5 this morning, not yet fit enough for route marches. Harry Reynolds is here, instructing in Eng. & French. This is the Hdqurs. of the big NZEF new educational scheme. I am arranging with harry’s recommendation to make a third on the Fr. + Eng. staff as a starter. The other one is Adams, 1st class Hons, Asst. Prof. Otago Univ. Classics. Of course there is nothing definite yet but I think I’ll be set.

To win a bet of 6d I wrote to the Daily Mail last Sat. They published it Tues. I enclose it. Dont think it is a reflection of my own opinion I merely temporarily adopted an opinion that would get my letter published and bring me in 6d. I have not got the letter to which it is a reply but mine really explains itself.

Suppose you send it on home for the fun of the thing. I bet I am the first member of the family to have his statements & opinions regarded as so weighty that they were deserving of reproduction 5,000,000 times [and in 3 languages, Eng, French & Welsh.(?)] Send an explanation of the circumstances with it, or else they’ll think I’ve turned jingo. Better still send this envelope to explain it – there are no swear words on it.

There cant be any thing very much wrong with my heart because the quack sounded me this morning and put me on 3/4 hr. physical jerks every day. Your last letter came about 5 days ago