Neil – Mother: 5 Oct 1918

(Letter typewritten)

Dear Mother.
The mail I mentioned in my last letter did not bring any letters from you or home; Norman did not get any either, some of the bags miscarried or were left in U.S.A. or something. There is no word of the arrival of the cable yet, but it is only about now that I can start to expect it. The question of our leave is still in the air. Our back sergeant’s pay is going to be made up after next issue of N.Z. orders which are issued fortnightly.

Alec is expecting leave from France very shortly. He wrote Charlie saying that he was depending on me for the necessary. I am afraid he will find me rather an unsatisfactory banker. Charlie is still in bed, he must have had a fairly good dose of it.

I got a tin of chocolates yesterday, they were A1. Also a parcel containing a couple of pairs of knitted socks and some ginger wafers from Mrs Barton (Fielding). She has sent Trot and me quite a few parcels. I’ll have to write to her again and tell her I am still alive and able to appreciate them.

It may be possible this winter for those at Hornchurch who are engaged in instructing to take lectures at one of the London University colleges. If they are buckshee and fares paid I may take the business on. How would N.H.Smith Esq B.A. (Lond.) look? It will never get as far as that, I am too weary these days. I am afraid my studying days are over. I am getting on to 23 now,- I was only 20 when I left.

I have a pretty sore throat,- the first since I was operated on, and have felt a little feverish at times during the last week. I have broken my thermometer, and so cant tell whether I am sick or not now. I would not be surprised if I went for another bit of a spin in hospital this winter. I am going to do my best to keep out though, the job is too good a one to risk and I don’t really feel as if I wanted a rest yet. The cold wet weather is really here now. Trot is still at Torquay. He will have to hurry to be home by Xmas. Clyde can have my bit of duff.


Not heard from Mac for some time.