Neil – Mother: 17 Dec 1918

Tuesday 17-12-18
Dear Mother,
I am writing this on roll book paper because I am taking a class of two and there is no other to hand just now. I have just received the ‘Xmas Cake (with a capital “C”.) It is the first one to arrive. I opened it and dealt with half of it and we are keeping the other half most religiously for Xmas. It is in glorious condition. The icing was not broken, and all the little silver balls were in the exact places that you put them. It was quite perfect, nice and moist without being too moist and was immediately graded A1 by the instructors concerned in the demolition of half of it. I am definitely getting my leave from 29-12-18 to 7-1-19 so that I shall be in camp Xmas day to eat the health of all of you in the rest of it.

It is quite impossible to imagine how it could have been better,- the nuts, almonds I mean, made it just perfect.

A merry Xmas to you all again and many thanks.


P.S. Bank Pay is thro’