Neil – Mother: 13 Jan 1919

Dear mother,
My letters lately have been rather scrappy I am afraid. There is not a great deal of news. I can expect nothing definite re the scholarship until the end of this month. I have been recommended for promotion to 1st Class Warrant Officer with pay of Lieutenant (about 18/9 a day) but there is no saying when it will come to hand. I received a tin of chocs yesterday morning. I think some of those 1 lb tins have gone astray.

Had a great time in Glasgow. Stayed with the people I know there. Hot cup of bovril every night before bed. [I had a bit of a cough and was treated like an invalid]. Fire in my room from 6 p.m on. Hot water bottle in bed. Eider-down quilt. Glass of hot toddy after getting into bed. Breakfast in bed every morning. Came back heaps better physically , mentally & morally. If I stay this side for three more years it is quite easily possible that Glasgow may become serious.

It seems to have been a pretty serious front out in NZ for the ‘flu. Issy Phillip’s brother got a cable six weeks ago saying Issie had died of it. I have received mail up to 13-11-18, the second day of peace. Congratulate Gorrie for me and wish the new Mr & Mrs Smith every happiness. You know I haven’t the slightest idea what Connie is like and doubt whether I have ever met her. I am quite looking forward to being introduced to my new sister. If I stay this side long, I suppose there will be quite a few introductions to your new sons & daughters & grandsons & granddaughters necessary;- it would be funny if I had to be introducing as well as well as introduced.

What is my financial balance in NZ? Have they increased my allotment? Am writing Vic separately.


P.S. Forgot to mention had a gorgeous ‘Xmas in camp.