Neil – Mother: 5 Mar 1919

Dear Mother,
I just finish me second year in the outfit today. Prospects are a bit brighter than they were two years or one year ago. The only important item of news is that I have been practically promised employment as a 19/6 per diem instructor until the end of July at least, so that the money difficulty of commencing at Cambridge is overcome. I was working out expenses on Sunday. It will cost me £80 my first term from (Oct to Dec) just in university and college expenses alone, without reckoning cost of civvy outfit etc. Of course subsequent terms will cost very much less than that.

I have just received the parcel containing the ‘Xmas number of the Ak. Weekly News. The biscuits were A1. I have sent the Ak Weekly to Scotland, to show that N.Z. knocks Ben Lomond and the banks and braes of Bonny Doon clean out of the picture.

Very little work doing now. I blink when I take the money. This letter I think catches the through N. York – Frisco – NZ mail. Just mention how long it takes.

Ask Mat if she is going to write to me once this year too. Is she any fatter? She was looking thin in that Peter Pan photo


P.S. I am beginning to forget what some of you look like. How about a few photos of the family? Was a wedding group taken?