Neil – Mother: 16 Mar 1919

Dear Mother,
No news much. I have been getting into a theatre habit lately, but I am not seeing any more now bar Beecham’s Operas which are comparatively inexpensive. I have been to “The man from Toronto”, “The naughty Wife”, “The Officers Mess”, “As You Were” and a couple of varieties in the last fortnight.

I have received a mail written mostly while you were catching 54 schnapper, a king fish, and 4 sharks. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Letter from Dad 27-1-19. Please congratulate Uncle Walter for me. Dad didn’t mention the name of my new aunt. I wonder how many more relatives I’ll have whom I have never seen, by the time I get back. No saying is there?

Letter from you 14-1-19, enclosing snap of wedding group Vic and Norman were at Fuller’s when you wrote. I may be able to get home for the long vacation June 1920 October 1920, if the through ‘plane service is properly going; if so, I may make a third at Fuller’s. I reckon, seriously, that it is absolutely certain that when I come home in 1922 or ’23, it will be by ‘plane. It will only take six days and will be much less expensive on a/c of the saving of tucker, etc compared with the boat.

Letter from Dad 23-1-19, mostly about Norman’s prospects – I am writing Norman this mail. By the way letters to him will always be to him. If he is away on a holiday or anything like that, don’t open them before sending them on, or I can’t guarantee anything. I shall always address the general “family” letters to you.

I have heard from Tibbs. He sent me a pleasant note and a very good recommendation.

A letter from 43 Baildon Rd, 29-12-18. I’ll have to write separate letters to Gorrie now, I suppose. I am an awfully lazy correspondent nowadays.

The weather broke and the sun shone for several hours last week, but it is clouded and black-frosty again to-day. I do hate these winters. You in NZ never have had a real winter yet.

Our scholarship money is paid £62-10-0 a quarter in advance. Reynolds has his first instalment – he is starting in May. Too cold to think of any more.


P.S. Received a photo of bride and bridegroom. (Gorries not Uncle Walter’s!)

P.S. Leaving here in about a fortnight or less. May get leave then. Go to Ireland perhaps and join the Sinn Feiners