Neil – Vic: 23 Jun 1960

Birch Terrace,

Dear Vic,
It is many a long year since you had a letter from me, and quite a few years even since you last saw me. But you are the head of the family now, and I had better at least keep you informed of my wherabouts. I have rented my house in N.S.W. to a film-star, until next September at least, possibly a little longer. Meanwhile I am based at the above address with half my family (Gillian and Alan are in England and Angus is at boarding school in Australia).

I have an impression that this must be within a day of your birthday and that it is probably your seventy third,- but I couldn’t be sure. How are you keeping? And how is Alma, and the family?

My family are all well. I have had heart trouble for a few years but it doesn’t worry me much so long as I keep away from the doctors who are always inclined to take a pretty poor view of me. But I have resumed golf here and can play two rounds a day, which most men of my age would be disinclined to do. I think it is the same trouble that Dad and Ben had, and they both had a fair innings.

If I come to Auckland I shall look you up. I don’t know when I may come – age makes me disinclined to travel and I still can’t get used to the sad necessity since I retired of having to pay my own fare!

All the best, and kind remembrances to Alma.

Your sincerely

P.S. My telephone number is Upper Hutt 3510.