Neil – Vic: 12 Oct 1960

Birch Terrace,
October 12, 1960

Dear Vic,
I expect you will be back from Ti Point by now. I unfortunately I have to pack and return to Australia this month, but it is very probably that I shall be returning here for good when I have managed to sell the house and the boat and fix up various other things over there. It will take some months though, I should imagine. My tenant is still in my house there and I do not know exactly for how long, so the best address for me will be care Post Office, Avalon Beach, N.S.W.

Kevin was up in this direction from Wellington about a month ago and called in. Of course I didn’t recognise him till he told me who he was, and then the family resemblance seemed to be quite obvious. I noticed when he was driving away in his car he seemed to have a distinct look of you. I must get in touch with him again when I come back.

Daphne mentioned that you had had an operation for hernia last year. That’s a pretty severe operation for an old stager like you, though it occurred to me that it might just be a polite way of describing the more usual prostate “rebore”. Anyway I gather you have got over it quite well.

All kind regards and to Alma,