Norman – Gorrie: 18 Mar 1918

Pvt N.R.Smith
Dear Gorrie.
I had a letter from Mac the day before yesterday in which he stated that Vic had been sent from Codford to Torquay. If that is the case it looks very probable that he will be sent back to N.Z. after all. I think that there must be a letter from Vic on the way over now as I wrote to him about a fortnight ago and have so far received no reply. Letters take a fair while to be delivered here; Mac’s took nine days. The last letter I had from Neil was one dated about 13th Feb in which he stated that he had been readmitted to hospital with a return of his throat trouble. I am expecting another letter from him soon. The summer weather seems to have started already this year as the weather during the past week has been really beautiful. I have been transferred to the N.Z.R.B. for water duties so instead of being on that stunt for three months as at first intended we are now on the job indefinitely. It is a great business running along behind a water cart and drawing and chlorinating the drinking water for the camp. The last letter I had from N.Z. was one from you dated Dec 2nd, so my news from home is now over 3 1/2 months old. Mac has received a later mail, but it has not drifted over here yet. I suppose it will come before long. There is nothing more to write about just now so I will have to try and save up some news for next time. My leave fund continues to grow and next Monday I will have 9 to my credit in my pay book.


P.S. Don’t change the address of my letters as my transfer may be altered again before long. The original address will find me alright.