Norman – Gorrie: 24 Apr 1918

Pvt N.R.Smith
24th April 1918
Dear Gorrie,
Two parcels arrived from home four days ago – one tin of biscuits from you and a tin of loaf sugar from Mum. Both were in splendid condition. The biscuits were all whole and were as crisp as the day they were packed. It is some time now since we were able to buy little luxuries in the way of sweets and biscuits so you can guess how I went for those biscuits and the sugar. It is now four months since I was separated from Neil and it is over two months since I had any word from him. I am trying to get into touch with him through Mac who has had letters from him since I have.

I think he is quite alright and well but we have lost each others addresses and experience has taught me that it is almost useless to write when the correct address is unknown.

The last letters I had from home were two that arrived over here a little over a month ago – one from Mum dated Jan 6th and one from you with no date on it at all written somewhere about the same time so you see my latest news is over 3 1/2 months old.

I am still working on the water cart and there is no sign of any change at present. I have altogether lost track of Charlie Musker and Alec Young But I suppose that I shall run across them when I am least expecting to. The weather is getting warmer all the time now and soon I shall have to think of getting rid of some of my winter gear. Tell Mum she need not be afraid of our not being in a hurry to get home after the war is over. The more I see of these other countries the more convinced I become that there is only one country in the world worth living in and the first boat that I can get to brink me back will do me. Next Saturday week will complete our fifth month in France so the time when we shall have a chance of getting leave is drawing nearer although I would sooner do without the leave and see the war finish. I saw Norman Matheson in this camp. He stayed here for a while but I think he must have moved off for I have not seen him for about a week. Keep on writing for I don’t get many now that Vic has gone home and I am out of touch with Neil

Kia Ora