Norman – Mother: 12 May 1918

Dear Mother,
The Y.W.C.A. has today issued us the enclosed booklet along with some eggs and cigarettes and matches. They look after us pretty well over here and their canteens are are A1. I am still well and still on water duty. Two days ago I received two letters from Neil – one in France written some time in March and another from Torquay written on the 24th April. I have written to him giving him my new address so we will be able to write regularly now. I got a tin of loaf sugar from you last week and a parcel from Mrs Barton at Fielding. You will be tired of being thanked for parcels by this time but you know how welcome they are. Rather decent of Mrs Barton isn’t it? Neil is getting on alright but there seems to be no chance of his returning to N.Z. at present. I suppose Vic will be nearly home by this. Kind regards to all and Cheerio