Norman – Dad: 29 May 1918

No 1 New Zealand General Hospital
Brockenhurst, Hants
Ward 16
Dear Dad,
As you can see from the above address I am now over in Blighty recovering from the complaint which has now been diagnosed as Trench fever. I have written to Neil, but I have not yet had time to get a reply, so I can’t tell yet where he is. If he is still at Torquay I may see him soon as I do not expect to be in hospital for more than a few days.

Everybody is awfully good to us over here and I am having a really good time and not feeling at all bad. I got quite a surprise when I read in your last letter that I had been reported as suffering from severe fever on Feb 26th. I think that the cable must have meant to refer to one of the attacks that Neil had before they sent him over here.

You are quite right in assuming that I would not object to being sent home. Nobody here objects to that after they have been over in France for a while. There is absolutely no chance of my being sent home this time as my condition improves every day. I am now looking forward to my leave from the Convalescent Camp and as I now have almost £13 to my credit I guess that I shall have some good time. I am now hoping that Neil has not had his leave so that we will both have a chance of striking leave together. No more news this time – will write again soon.